Our Story

Prfkt Dysrdr is the brainchild of Rick Johnson and Chris Mammenga.  Rick and Chris had been in a band together before and when Rick's band fell through, he approached Chris with the idea of starting a new group with once lead guitarist turned drummer Brett Dixon.  Rick had been a bassist in the past bands, but really desired to play guitar, so he invited Craig Peterson to join the group on bass, freeing himself up to hone his rhythm guitar skills.  Chris offered the name Prfkt Dysrdr, which had been the name of a group he'd been in in the late 80's.
One thing the band all agrees on and that is that music should be both fun and energetic.  Prfkt Dysrdr is best experienced live.  Our motto is, you can never have too many lights, and we have a bunch.  We love fog, lights and loud, overboard, jump up and down, bang your head rock-n-roll and we work hard to make sure our fans have a great time.

Rick Johnson (Guitars & Vocals)

On rhythm guitar and vocals is Rick Johnson, a South Dakota native, who spent 10+ years in the Twin
Cities before coming to the area 17 years ago. Rick has been playing bass, rhythm guitar and singing in
local bands more years than he wants to admit. He brings high energy and a strong stage presence to
the show and loves to encourage crowd participation. We don’t call him old, we just say he has seen all
the cool bands! Rick exudes the party band mentality and you’re guaranteed to see him in the crowd
dancing and having you sing along or inviting the brave up on stage to sing with the band.

Chris Mammenga (Guitars, Drums & Vocals)

Chris Mammenga has been playing guitar since the early 90's but was heavily influenced by NWoBHM of the 70's and 80's.  Guitarists like K.K. Downing, Dave Murray and Michael Schenker were his earliest influences along with Slash, Angus Young and C.C. DeVille.  Having spent most of that time as a rhythm guitarist, in recent years he picked up playing lead and has found a style that is both melodic and engaging.  For the most part playing guitar is about having fun and getting out of the way of the music.  "I'm not about flash, I'm no good at it.  I just want to have a good time and let others do the same." 

Craig Peterson (Bass & Vocals)

Craig's Story

Brett Dixon (Drums, Guitar & Vocals)

Brett's Story

Aaron Hume (Sound Tech)